Dan Hannan – British fishermen shouldn’t worry, Boris will reverse Heaths betrayal that gave away our waters

Mr. Johnson is preparing to detail the UK’s requirements for a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU. The Prime Minister will gather his Cabinet to sign off the mandate before it is published on Thursday and presented to the House of Commons, today. Ministers are expected to reiterate their desire for a deal with few tariffs on products.

However, this arrangement has been ruled out by the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier, setting up negotiations that will commence on March 2.

Fishing is very likely to be one of the most controversial areas in the discussions, as France has demanded Britain grant EU countries access to UK fishing waters for 25 years.

Moreover, talking at a meeting with fishermen in Paris on Saturday, ”French President Emmanuel Macron cautioned:” I am not certain that an agreement will be reached between now and the end of the year. Anyway, it is likely to become more tense because [the British] are very difficult.”

Regardless, of Mr Macron’s hardline stance, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said that British fishermen shouldn’t worry, as Mr Johnson will deliver on his promise and gives them full control of their waters, reversing former Prime Minister Edward Heath’s betrayal.

The former Tory Prime Minister is famous for being the guy who took Britain into the European Club.

Based on Mr Hannan, Mr Heath was so “desperate” to combine that he “even effectively handed away our fishing grounds as a sort of late entrance fee”.

This is going to change when the transition period ends in December 2020.

The Conservative MEP said: “I don’t think there’s a possibility that we will not insist on the sovereignty of the territorial waters.

“This isn’t to say that we are going to get exclusive use of them.

“We don’t have the capacity for this and we never needed that.

“Before we joined the EEC we always had bilateral and multilateral agreements with our neighbors like every other country on earth does.

“If fish spawn in the waters of one nation, reach adulthood in a different, of course those two countries will get together and agree that a quota system that they could both share and gain from.

Mr. Hannan noted: “However it is going to be on the premise that we’re a sovereign country, making arrangements with our neighbors instead of on the premise that North Sea fish stocks are a frequent resource to which all members have equal access.

“Boris Johnson has been quite clear about that.

“We will return sovereignty out to 200 miles all the medium line, as allowed under law.

“We will search for favorable and mutually lucrative deals with our neighbors in the Netherlands, France, and so on which will serve our interests and theirs.

“But we will do so as a sovereign nation.”

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