Gerard Batten – I hear that Priti has been fighting with civil servants because she wants to release the ‘Grooming Gangs’ report.

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Below was a report from the Huffington post from 06/02/20 labeled: Exclusive: Priti Patel Orders Officials To Explain Status Of Grooming Gang Review.

They report that Priti Patel was being given the run around…”Patel assumed the review would be prioritized as Javid, whose parents were from Pakistan, gave several high-profile interviews after ordering the probe in which he said the abuse made him “feel angry”, and that the men had “disgraced our heritage”.

A source in the Home Office suggested that Patel was being “given the run around by officials” who were “not being completely up front about this” and stressed that the home secretary at least wants to see the results herself even if they are not eventually published.“She’s not best pleased with the way it’s going,” they said.

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