EU expect the U.K. to adhere to EU rules in new EU trade deal terms.

In a bid to appease France, EU ambassadors agreed to harden the bloc’s mandate to get a post-Brexit free-trade arrangement with Britain. Under the program, the UK will be expected to “maintain average high standards, and corresponding high standards over time with Union standards as a reference point”. It will produce the basis of this so-called “level playing field” for state aid, taxation, environment, and workers’ rights rules and regulations.

Senior EU diplomats also insisted that the bloc should “have the chance to employ autonomous, such as interim, measures to research quickly to disruptions of their equivalent conditions of competitions”, according to a text seen by Express

The entire document will be rubber-stamped tomorrow at Brussels EU ministerial meeting.

Changes were made at the request of Paris, which has required the bloc takes hard line on Britain before any upcoming trade deal can be agreed.

President Emmanuel Macron would like to ensure the Government can not slash regulations in order to make the UK more competitive.

Michel Barnier want U.K. to adhere to the EU standards. No other third country has done this so why is it happening to Britain?

EU sources assert the “fudged” negotiating text is designed to keep the UK and Brussels “in step with each other”.

1 insider said: “It’s more powerful than non-regression but poorer than dynamic alignment.”

However, the bloc has maintained that Britain should remain “dynamically aligned” to its rules on state aid.

The text states: “The envisaged venture should ensure the application of Union State aid rules to and in the uk.”

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