Mr Johnson reacts angrily after UK space Project was found to be delayed.

He claimed: “The UK Space Agency won’t letting me go into detail regarding the specific businesses, but next year, around March time, there’ll be a £5billion program announced.
Sir Mark responded that he was “likely to inform you about it following this assembly”.
In the Cabinet reshuffle, Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom and Space Minister Chris Skidmore were sacked.

He explained: “Let us get going today on our position navigation and time satellite and ground observation systems — UK assets orbiting in space with all the long-term tactical and industrial advantages for this country.”

The adviser believed the money must have been spent on the new capabilities.

Britain was leading the way in an EU system called Galileo but had been ousted from the job in a Brexit spat with Brussels.
It’s understood Mr. Cummings blamed them for agreeing to give the European Space Agency a further £1.8billion in financing last year.

It’s understood officials, headed by Sir Mark, want a system that would not be purely independent and autonomous.
The Prime Minister gave approval of the British choice in one of his first acts in office.
This past year, Mr. Skidmore said more than 50 companies were involved in the job that was secret.

“We’d want it completely delivered by 2030 however, the first satellites would go up by 2025.”

The row comes amid claims Mr Cummings is attempting to wrestle control of space policies.

Mr. Johnson demanded Sir Mark got it back on track and retorted the project had been already announced by him.
The Prime Minister arrived to some loggerhead with Whitehall’s mind of the Civil Service within a top-secret £5billion spy satellite job. At a meeting with Mr. Johnson and his closest aide Dominic Cummings, Sir Mark Sedwell branded the project chief Mandarin” and disclosed his officials were operating on a cheaper alternative. A “visibly angry” Mr. Johnson then put his head in his palms and berated the mind of the chief Mandarin.

He was met with negative remarks about the distance program being months behind schedule.

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