WEAK EU “will cry breach of transition rules” if negotiations don’t go their way

City AM said one source told them the uncompromising strategy was indicative of the determination of Mr. Johnson’s Government to do things differently.
“People will say’what the hell are those trade negotiations actually about then?’

“If they have to go in there with a telephone-book-sized listing of EU regulations, the negotiations are barely likely to get off the starting block.

Mark Littlewood, director-general of this Institute for Economic Affairs think tank, said “That really is an envelope that needs a great deal of pushing.
The UK may choose to align with the EU in some areas, Mr Littlewood stated — but stressed the decision needed to be taken in London, not Brussels.
In concept, the Commission could suspend the Withdrawal Agreement and apply sanctions.
Julian Braithwaite, the UK’s permanent representative to the WTO, is preparing to seize the opportunity to issue a “clear and a very clear statement about future goals” on beef hormones, gene editing and GM foods, in addition to the use of peracetic acid — a substitute for chlorine — to wash poultry, reported City AM.

They said: “From the previous ministers are told by government lawyers’you can not do this’ and ministers have meekly not completed.

“You finally have a very different approach from Number 10 in which ministers will do whatever they should do to be successful and will definitely read the duty of sincere cooperation.”

EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier

But, Ms. Barnard explained: “This is a carefully staged political dance, and they don’t want to try out the nuclear option of engaging treatments so soon.
Professor Catherine Barnard, senior fellow of The UK in a Changing Europe, stated this was another indication that Downing Street was “testing the limits”.

“Otherwise it is a bit like that speech by Geoffrey Howe when he talked about sending the batsman into the crease after breaking his bat.”
“We aren’t in the ordinary EU world anymore.”
“Clearly the EU didn’t respond last time and it would be odd to pick a fight over something that is important but rather vague.
“However SPS is your hot subject, the very sensitive problem about any transaction negotiation with the EU or the US, therefore it is politically huge.”

“The whole point about this is that when our negotiators are speaking about the 93 percent of the world’s countries who are not in the European Union, they have the liberty to do so correctly.

The US will probably formally welcome the UK as an independent member of the WTO during a meeting to discuss sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) arrangements week.

He said: “We might choose to keep some regulations in place — but that must be our pick.
The Prime Minister’s tough position will probably enrage Brussels, who will regard the movement for a breach of transition rules inside the withdrawal agreement.

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