German Chancellor Merkel reveals the push toward a European superstate…

Once called the world’s strongest woman, Angela Merkel appears on her way out of politics.

The EU is searching for leadership now that Britain has left the club, but the bloc’s de-facto German leader no longer appears able to lead her own coalition government.

To further complicate matters, European leaders are at loggerheads over how much cash to put in the EU’s budget for the next seven years, after an all-night meeting in Brussels.

A 2010 report by the EUObserver has resurfaced, which shows what Mrs Merkel had envisioned for the near future of this bloc as disagreements and divisions within the region appear.

Delivering a speech at the European Parliament ten years ago, the German Chancellor claimed her nation felt “deeply committed” to Brussels.

She explained: “Indeed we have to get an ideal way to stabilize the eurozone permanently and eliminate its conception mistakes.

Moreover, she insisted that to result in a “true economic union” underpinning the common currency, there was a demand for much more “binding” commitments from member states to make reforms.

The EU institutions, Mrs Merkel stated, ought to be granted an ever stronger role to “really correct any inadequate” procedures.

She noted: “Of course the European Commission will one day turn into a government, the EU Council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have additional powers.

Heading towards a United States of Europe

“But for the time being, we have to concentrate on the euro and provide people a bit of time to come along.”

As for the lines between non-euro and euro-members states, Mrs Merkel went back to the idea of the currency: that it will be adopted by all EU states one day.

Setting out his 10-year vision for Europe, Mrs Merkel’s claims were echoed by French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

Speaking in the 56th Munich Security Conference, Mr Macron voiced his willingness for Europe’s middle classes to “become more integrated with the assistance of effective defense coverage, a larger budget and integrated capital markets”.

He maintained the continent had been reaching a moment of truth regarding the decision for integration and commonality, proceeding to criticize member countries’ lack of urgency when it came to responding to issues concerning European sovereignty.


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