MACRON DEMANDS MORE: “We can not say we want more for Europe, but if it comes to paying, stating we can not.”

“There are many interests and there are many concerns and they are all valid.

“We will need to confront new challenges and therefore we need more attempt. We can not say we want more for Europe, but if it comes to paying, stating we can not.”

To compensate for the losses, the European Commission and the European Council have been pushing members to raise donations to 1.11 percent of the GNI.
Talking at her arrival at Brussels, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated: “Today we are going to pay back the funding, it is likely to be long, long, and tough.

“I welcome that the transition fund is currently integrated into the budget and that’s bringing fresh money into the budget”

“I welcome the suggestion of the President of this Council for the next European budget since it puts a lot of focus on the European Green offer and making Europe fit for the electronic era.
Besides paying more to put money into the EU’s “new priorities”, some EU states could determine the price of membership growth pay the gap Britain left from the frequent pot with its departure in January.
Mr. Macron added: “The same Commission who tell us we want more climate ambition, more military vision, more vision in reacting to the migration issue. We want some coherence.

Mr Michel added: “The final efforts to reach a compromise are the toughest, but I feel there is a good willingness to continue to work, to dialog, in order to make a decision to satisfy the EU’s priorities for the next decades.”

“We are here to discuss our ambitions and we’ve agreed with all the new Commission when it came, when we fought for the Europeans, to bring in new ambitions.”

“The budget has to be made better. I am cautious about times, but I don’t wish to begin by stating it is not feasible to reach an agreement.”
“I am convinced that what is on the table in order to decide.”

Quotes from former EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger show Britain’s death will lead to a budgetary vacuum value £9.9bn ($12bn) to £12.5bn ($15bn) over the subsequent seven decades.
And Council President Charles Michel said: “This morning we will begin our summit about the upcoming European budget.

“For us, it is important that at least 25 percent of the overall budget will be mainstreamed on jobs and dedicated to projects which are within the European Green Deal.

“But I am convinced that it is possible to make progress in the upcoming hours or at the upcoming days.
President Macron conceded France is going to be required to pay more into the frequent budget to compensate for its losses however urged member states to agree to the planned participation strategy to deliver on the “new priorities” agreed with the European Commission. Speaking upon his arrival at the Hottest EU Summit in Brussels, the French President stated: “We must admit the departure of the British.

European Parliament President David Sassoli declared on Wednesday Brussels is £191bn ($230bn) brief in its initial budget because Brexit.
“The past weeks we have worked very hard with the leaders and I’m grateful to the leaders for the hard work we’ve done together.
Mr. Macron added: “I will spend all the time it requires to improve this proposal. I believe there is hope for an arrangement. I’m ready.

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