Guy Verhofstadt “hell of a job” to secure a successful future relationship with Britain’s proposals.

Guy Verhofstadt, MEP, and Brexit Coordinator for the European Parliament, have attacked the plan for a future trading relationship of Britain. On Monday evening, Boris Johnson’s chief negotiator David Frost outlined Britain’s proposals insisting the UK will walk away from trade discussions with Brussels rather than surrender the newly-won liberty of Britain to secure a deal.

The former prime minister included, it’d be a “hell of a job” to secure a successful future relationship with Britain’s proposals.

Mr Verhofstadt told reporters during a joint press conference with Sadiq Khan: “It’s not a good thing that we continue to explore the future relationship as though the UK and Europe are residing on two different planets because the UK market and the marketplace are so close to each other – physically, geographically.

“And so, these items are so intense that we have to check at it in just a bit of a different way than to just state this is a pure free-trade deal.”

Mr. Frost’s remarks were delivered at a lecture in the Universite Libre in Brussels, where he insisted Britain “just wants what other independent nations have”.

He insisted that the liberty won Brexit a month to secure a deal with the 25, by securing will not be bargained away by the Prime Minister.

He said: “We bring to the discussions not some clever strategic positioning but the principles of what it means to become an independent country.

“It’s central to our vision that we must have the ability to place laws that match to claim the right that every other non-EU country on earth has.”

Guy Verhofstadt on EU Parliament

Mr. Frost suggested that EU chiefs had failed to grasp their opening stance was an unacceptable hazard to UK sovereignty.

The negotiator snapped at Michel Barnier’s calls to get a so-called “level-playing field” of principles and standards shared by the EU and UK.

Mr Frost said the UK needed a deal like the EU had agreed with Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

In addition, he cautioned the UK wouldn’t undermine the Brexit transition period.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier was quick to respond to the demands of Britain.

He told reporters: “We have suggested a trade deal with a country that has a very particular and unique close geographical proximity not like Canada, maybe not like South Korea and not like Japan. Very particular.

“We are prepared to suggest and work really quickly with Britain on the basis of the political declaration which was agreed with Boris Johnson.

“We stand ready to propose this agreement, if the UK wants it”

After taking over in Downing Street last 23, Mr. Frost was appointed as the Prime Minister’s main adviser on European policy.

The chief negotiator Sir Olly Robbins of Theresa May was substituted by the veteran civil servant.

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