New french EU fisheries chairman said”We request a reciprocal access to U.K. waters” “nothing more, nothing less”

THE EUROPEAN Parliament’s new fisheries principal now issued a “nothing more, nothing less” ultimatum to Britain over access to its waters.
France’s Pierre Karleskind, the newly-elected chairman of the institution’s fisheries committee, insisted European vessels must have the “same position” in any future transaction with the UK. Speaking in Brussels, he said the bloc’s requirement is only “one state” to get a free-trade agreement ahead of the formal negotiations. The Frenchman said, “We request a reciprocal access to waters, meaning the identical scenario as we have now — nothing more, nothing less — with this being just one requirement for finishing the financial partnership.”

Mr. Karleskind, who is from northern France and a member of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche party, declared he was “happy” to take the new role as he replaces former British MEP Chris Davies.

He said the EU’s negotiating mandate would remain to be “dense” when it comes to procuring a fisheries pact with the United Kingdom.

In a networking post after being handed his new job, Mr Karleskind signaled no more than nine EU capitals would require entry to Britain’s waters prior to rubber-stamping a transaction deal.

“Fishing is at the same time quite symbolic,” he said.

“It is very important for coastal lands of nine member states in the European Union.”

Meanwhile European capitals have been hardening Michel Barnier’s negotiating guidelines on fisheries.

The bloc anticipates the EU negotiator to “preserve the continued mutual access” for European trawlermen to British waters.

The deal “should aim to prevent economic dislocation for Union fishermen that were participated in fishing activities in the uk waters”, a draft negotiating document states.

Pierre Karleskind

EU ambassadors are expected to finalize the text in a meeting that afternoon.

Negotiations between Britain and Brussels are set to get off to some start that was bad-tempered.

Speaking at the London School of Economics, the adviser said Boris Johnson was failing to honor the “level of ambition” agreed in the past year’s divorce bargain.

He included unless the UK agrees to remain in accordance with a Canada-style deal would be rejected by the bloc.

The Prime Minister has ruled committing to such Draconian provisions and warned he is ready to walk away from the negotiating table if demands continue.

Mr De Rynck said the EU’s trade deals with Canada and Japan both comprise level-playing area provisions.

But he fumed: “It’s clear for us it is a different ball game that we are playing the UK into the one that we agreed with Canada in terms of the level-playing field.”

He added: “Many in the united kingdom now appear to wish to become Canadians. Compared to Ottawa is, but, Dover is closer to Calais.

“So, concerning zero-tariff, zero-quota access this brings a lot of advantages to the UK market and with advantages come obligations.”

Downing Street last night infuriated Brussels sparking a media spat with a tweet that asserted Mr Barnier had changed the goalposts on supplying the UK a Canada-style free-trade agreement.

Number 10 tweeted: “In 2017 the EU showed on their very own slide a Canada kind FTA was the sole available relationship for the United Kingdom. Now they say it is not after all on offer. Michel Barnier, what’s changed?”

Mr Barnier urged both sides to “stay calm” and prevent further “controversies”.

He explained: “I have no time to drop in controversies at this time.

“I can urge, on either side, we remain calm and confront the facts, the truth and the economic, human, and social consequences of Brexit.”

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