Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy said she would vote to rid of the Monarchy if the opportunity arose…

Ms Nandy, who’s considered as the outlier of the three candidates, disclosed that if the chance arise, she would vote to abolish the monarchy. She did, however, clarify that the issue wouldn’t be a most important priority if she becomes Labour leader .

However, as a democrat, she wouldn’t vote to maintain the recognized monarchy in place – though she admitted that she would”quite like to meet Queen Meghan at some stage”.

Meanwhile, frontrunner, Keir Starmer, said he would”downsize” the royals although not get ride of those.

And, left-wing competition, Rebecca Long-Bailey, stated she would not abolish the monarchy.

Ms Nandy’s admission particularly stirred furore among prospective voters and opponents alike, with many taking to Twitter to voice their outrage.

Ms Long-Bailey used the debate to call to the authorities to call a new investigation into the ethics and morality of the media.

It comes in the wake of the passing of TV presenter, Caroline Flack, who died earlier this week.

Lisa Nandy – Id scrap the monarchy…

Somewhat controversially, when the contenders were asked to name their favourite Labour leaders of the previous 50 decades, none replied Tony Blair or Mr Corbyn.

While Ms Long-Bailey chose Clement Attlee – who left the leadership 75 years ago – Sir Starmer chosen for Harold Wilson.

Ms Nandy shown her favorite as the one”we are about to elect”.

On this issue of the monarchy,” Ms Nandy explained:”I am a Democrat, therefore I would vote to squander it, but actually this isn’t the priority as a nation.”

Sir Keir said:”I wouldn’t.

“I think I would downsize it”


Taking a polar perspective, which critics say is surprising considering her Corbynista and left handed posture, Ms Long-Bailey said:”I would not vote to abolish the monarchy.”

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