Diane Abbott says the new immigration policy is “Dog whistle politics”

Diane Abbott stumbled over her words as Kay Burley explained the Labour Party lost votes in the December election because the Shadow Home Secretary insisted a points-based immigration system will not work. Host Kay Burley stated: “Priti Patel was stating she would like to reduce immigration here in the united kingdom and that is what traditional Labour voters want, isn’t it? Because that is what they voted for. That is why we’ve left the EU, that’s why the Red Wall was crushed down in the general election.

“If we do not do it at the way in which the Government is suggesting, how can we do it?”

Speaking to Sky News, ”Ms Abbott said:” The Government has been talking about decreasing numbers of immigrants.

“It is never once hit their goal.

“I think that talking about numerical targets and speaking about immigrants as if they’re a problem is not the sort of leadership the Government ought to offer.

“The Labour Party celebrates the contribution of immigrants, we want a fair system.

“We will not play the dog whistle politics because those numerical targets have never been hit.”

Ms. Burley asked: “What numbers do you think would be appropriate?”

Ms Abbott replied: “The numbers game doesn’t work. You measure success by an immigration policy which really helps build the economy and build our GDP.”

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  1. Mas immigration and multiculturalism has destroyed our society and we are subjected to fear and savagery on a daily basis ,our very lives are in danger by these so called refugees. We do NOT need nor want any more, in fact we should be sending these very aggressive people back to their diarrhea homes.

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