Sinn Fein are set to meet a number of parties to go over the forming of a government.
“It might have been a tight finish but that means folks are saying to people that Fine Gael should go into opposition and we’re absolutely willing to do that.

He added:”The political center in Ireland has been shaken… but it’s held.

However, Mr Varadkar insisted he would lead the opposition.
“We are eager to step back and allow them do this.”
“They won it somewhat and they did so by making lots Of guarantees to plenty of people in this nation.
His admission comes after pressure is building on Mr Varadkar to resign as party leader following Fine Gael got only under 20.9 percent of the vote — its worst ever election result – trailing behind competitions Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein.

“We had been defeated in this election, there is absolutely no point in trying to dress that up in any way.
The embattled Irish leader disclosed his Fine Gael party is not involved in coalition talks with any parties and said the”responsibility drops” on Sinn Féin to attempt to form another government. His remarks comes after Fine Gael came in the vote, together with Leo Varadkar himself only securing reelection at the fifth count – a significant humiliation in Ireland’s electoral system, where several MPs are elected each constituency.

“The obligation falls upon them to build a coalition programme for government. In case the party does not form or join in the formation of a government Mr Varadkar must submit to a vote of confidence.

“In terms of what may happen later on in the process, in another few weeks, we are the party that founded the state and when we are required to provide the country political stability and decent governance, then we are eager to talk to other parties but at the first instance, the onus is on Sinn Fein.”
Mr Varadkar would need to place himself up for re-election to fasten his leadership post.


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