Five EU member states could see their funding contributions DOUBLE, due to Britain’s departure from the EU


Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden could see their contributions to the EU’s long term budget, also called the Multiannual Financial Framework, increase.
This week European Council President Charles Michel met with EU negotiations to talk about their priorities for the funding, that will determine spending ahead of next week’s plenary, from 2021-27.

So far EU states have been unable to agree on the the size of the funding, the volumes of the main policy areas, the option and the revenue sources to add incentives and conditions for the disbursement of EU funds.

European member states will meet for a crucial plenary debate on the bloc’s long term budget having failed to reach an agreement after months of gruelling negotiations. Nations are divided on how the gap left by the departure of Britain from the bloc will be covered by the EU. Five nations are set to foot the bill, which will see their Contributions double.
Since the budget proposals will need to be signed up by the European Parliament to begin in January 2021, but time is running out to reach an agreement.


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