The Brussels negotiator continued his requirements for the European Court of Justice to be handed an unparalleled role in policing any future trade agreement. His warning comes amid attempts by EU capitals to harden the negotiating stance ahead of formal discussions with Britain of the bloc next month. Speaking in Luxembourg, Mr Barnier indicated the Prime Minister was backtracking on past negotiating obligations agreed about the long run connection.

“It’s on this basis and only on this foundation that we are prepared to negotiate,” he said.

“In a time that’s necessarily restricted, if we want to move forward, we must avoid taking a couple of steps back at the beginning.”

This includes negotiating”powerful guarantees to ensure fair competition and high common standards”, Mr Barnier required.

His team of deputies were today slapped with a record of additional demands from European capitals to harden the negotiating position of the bloc in a secret Brussels meeting.

EU diplomats have told them to include enhanced provisions to the so-called”level-playing area” in Mr Barnier’s draft negotiating guidelines.

The bloc’s remaining 27 member states want to ensure Britain stays tied to their environmental, taxation, taxation, state aid and competition principles.

Express reported that a source said”it is a way of pointing out that this really is a relationship which will need to work out at the long term.

“We need a way to prevent worries if either side feels that the deal becomes unbalanced or unfair with time.”

Brussels is currently making rougher fishing quota needs in a bid to maintain the status quo following the transition period ends.

Mr Barnier was arranged to”uphold” the present rules, which permit reciprocal access for European boats to British fishing waters.

In accordance with an EU official, his negotiating tips will be expected to harden further before they’re wrapped up at an EU ministerial meeting on February 25.


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