Canada’s high commissioner to the UK Janice Charette Says that Britain is in an excellent place for a trade deal…


Canada’s high commissioner to the UK Janice Charette expects negotiators are going to have the ability to improve on the current Canada-EU trade arrangement when the Brexit transition period is over. This will allow a closer connection between Britain and Canada and offer innumerable trade opportunities for businesses on either side of the Atlantic. Britain is the largest market in Europe Canada transactions with and is its own third-biggest trade partner all around.

Ms Charette said:”We’re in an excellent place.

“The opportunity is whether an improved agreement can be made at the end of the transition period.”

Canada and the UK are currently bound by the Canada-EU trade agreement which continues until the close of the transition period.

But once the transition period finishes Britain and Canada will have the ability to make an independent trade deal especially designed to make commerce as easy as possible between the two nations.

Some tariffs and barriers are expected due to the difference between the commerce markets of Canada and Britain.

However, in comparison to trading with other nations around the planet, it is going to be efficient to trade with Canada.

“If you think about relative to other countries in the world the UK is still one of the most open and most barrier-free markets that Canada transactions in.”

He said:”We need a Canada-style agreement that incorporates services and goods and collaboration in other areas.

“We accept that comes with consequences for both sides.”

The current Canada-EU trade agreement lays out the removal of tariffs on 99 percent of all types of goods.

There are limits in place set by the EU on pork, beef, frozen lobster, cat or dog food,

With no EU limitations, Britain is going to have the chance to expand the amount of tariff-free products it could have.

Ms Charette stated:”Every case is different and the negotiating parties will have to figure out what will be in the best interests of their economies and what’s going to support “



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