IS FREXIT NEXT? French politicians celebrate Britains exit from the EU “It’s a victory for all of the democrats across Europe”


He explained:”It is possible to leave the EU!

“But I think it’s a victory for all of the democrats across Europe.
“Each time there’s a failure they say it is because there’s not enough Europe. The people have just said’stop. It’s the end. It is over.'”
Her party lost to Emmanuel Macron although the eurosceptic tried to secure a referendum on France’s membership to the EU during her 2017 Presidential campaign.

It is a failure that is social, it’s an economic failure, it’s a failure concerning power, it’s a failure.
“The UK has begun a movement that can’t be stopped.”
We have to have the same referendum in France and EU countries as I have been asking for years.
“Vive le Brexit, Vive le Frexit!”

After the referendum, Ms Le Pen hailed the result and her celebration ramped up talk of France making its departure from the EU.
Protesters joined tens of thousands of Brexiteers to show their support to the Brexit cause and celebrate the UK’s departure from the bloc.
Marine Le Pen was therefore delighted to see Britain vote to leave the bloc in 2016’s referendum and has become one of the most prominent critics of the EU.
Countless Leave supporters had piled into Parliament Square to count down to the moment that ends 47 years of membership of the EU.

France is one of several nations where euroscepticism has been in the past few years, headed by party — National Rally called the National Front’s leader.
“And actually, Brexit is your first step towards Frexit and Italexit.

“I really want to thank you as you showed to all of Europe. So thank you.

France’s Popular Republican Union (UPR) politician, Charles-Henri Gallois joined former Brexit Party MEPs last week to celebrate Brexit afternoon in Brussels. The eurosceptic launched his battle to lead France from the Brussels bloc and follow Britain’s example. In a movie, published by Mr Gallois on Twitter, the French politician thanks the Brexit Party’s Alexandra Phillips and Brexiteers in the area for paving the way to leave the bloc.

Metthieu, 30, who is a GP in France was holding a massive sign calling for Frexit. Metthieu is to have said that Brexit showed it is possible to leave the EU.
“I wish to send this message to French individuals.”


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