Chancellor Merkel ENRAGED as EU Member states threatened to veto the European Union’s long-term budget plan.



The news follows remarks released by the multi annual financial framework (MFF), the EU’s long-term funding organisation.

Post-Brexit Europe plans have been set into motion by the bloc, but detractors like Mr Kurz appear to throw a spanner in the works.

The leader said the”ability to compromise” was crucial in transferring negotiation talks further.

Unless it was lowered, the Austrian chancellor threatened to veto the European Union’s long-term budget plan.
Ms Merkel seemingly indicates the veto powers EU member states may enjoy as a result of voting systems in the Council of Europe.

Ms Merkel’s comments came as Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz flew into Berlin to meet with her for the first time after his re-election.
The countries, who are both contributors to the EU budget, have expressed differing opinions on how much money they should pump into the bloc, and the terms by which they need to do. Speaking on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asserted Germany and Austria are in a”common situation”. According to the German leader, the two nations”have restrictions”.
The Latvian leader said:”I believe we are still a long way off.
“I would be happy if we could come to that arrangement, but – at least as of the day – I don’t see that that is yet happening.

Britain, when a member of the bloc, frequently threatened to scupper European Union budget discussions unless other members obtained on side.

Net contributors to the European Union are people who put more money into the bloc’s budget than they receive back in funding.

In the announcement, the MFF said no EU member state wanted to shoulder the load of the UK’s departure from the bloc.

What’s clear is that Austria and Germany are not the only countries in the European Union.
However, the world serving state leader at 33 years old, Mr Kurz, seemed less on board.
I’m not signing.”

It is yet to be seen whether Mr Kurz will use the same technique, or if the leader is calling the bloc’s bluff.

In an interview with Austrian radio, Mr Kurz said:”If this proposal is introduced, we will not support it, and neither will other EU net contributors, I presume.”
But, despite Mr Kurz’s remarks, Ms Merkel seems undeterred.
She also acknowledged the fact net contributors are not the only countries with a veto, stating:”Anyone can say: it is not done yet.”
“But of course, it’s early days. A lot can be done in two weeks, the question is how the discussion will proceed.”


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