Merkel demands “Europe show what it is made of” after BRITAIN refuses to fall in line with EU RULES.


He said:”Our free-trade arrangement must include an agreement on fisheries. “This agreement should provide reciprocal access to markets and oceans, which comprises quota shares.”

With Nigel Farage giving a speech at Parliament Square britain’s departure from the EU happened on Friday.

However, a trade deal between EU and the UK is still being worked out.

It adds that the agreement should build upon the loathed Common Fisheries Policy of the bloc.
She added:”Europe should show what it is made of.”
He explained:”We should now agree on specific and effective guarantees to ensure a level playing field for the long term.
A discussion document, published before formal talks, reads:”The envisaged partnership should include, in its economic part, provisions on fisheries setting out a framework for the management of shared fish stocks, as well as the terms on access to waters and resources.”

In October, Ms Merkel said the UK could join China and the USA on a list of the bloc trade rivals in the next few years.

EU capitals were told by Michel Barnier that it would be”very difficult” to strike a Brexit deal with Britain before the crunch October summit that arrived weeks before Boris Johnson’s stonking election victory.
“That means a mechanism to uphold high standards on social, environmental, climate, taxation and state aid matters now and in their future developments.”

During a joint press conference with France’s Emmanuel Macron in Paris, she warned that the UK would become a”potential competitor” with the EU in the global market”along with China and the United States”.
The Brussels bureaucrat said any prospective agreement must include”robust commitments” to environmental standards, workers’ rights, and taxation and state aid rules.
Presenting his draft negotiating mandate, the Frenchman put a”inextricable link” between a free-trade agreement and continued mutual access for European trawlermen.

Mr Barnier added:”It is clear that the agreement we wish to have, in the interests of UK fishermen and in the interests of European fishermen, I predict that reciprocal access to our territorial waters and our markets, that agreement on fisheries will be inextricably linked to the trade agreement.

“As indeed is going to be the third aspect, that’s the agreement on the level playing field with Boris Johnson.”

Mrs Merkel said she would be prepared to back changes to the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, but warned the bloc will need to become more aggressive with Britain now that Brexit has finally been implemented. She explained:”I could well imagine treaty changes if this be necessary.

After the Prime Minister insisted the country would reclaim control of its own fishing waters after 23, the demand will ignite rows with London.
Michel Barnier insisted Britain must sacrifice its fishing waters to be able to strike a trade deal with the EU today.


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