Germany terrified of “No Deal” say industry chiefs.



Mr Lang said little would change for businesses, but the future of Brussels and London is not yet defined.
Joachim Lang is attorney and a policy adviser who has become the head of the BDI since April 2017.

“The EU can’t leave any doubt: those who will diverge from EU rules won’t get the ideal access to the world’s biggest internet market.
Mr Lang claimed London and Brussels had to conclude on other arrangements such as aviation and posted workers.

He explained:”The probability of a hard Brexit, meaning a disorderly British exit from the EU at the end of the year isn’t off the table.

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Any arrangements under this thorough deal could impact many areas.
He believes the EU and the UK can only achieve a”basic” free trade agreement which governs fields under only EU competency.
“I believe it is a serious mistake for the British authorities to rule out an extension of the transition period.”

At the time, he said:”A hard Brexit would be a tragedy that could plunge tens of thousands of companies in Europe, and thousands and thousands of employees on both sides of the English Chanel into major issues.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently in discussions to secure post-Brexit trade deals.

He stated:”We would be miles away from a modern free trade agreement such as the one with Canada, for example…
Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on January 31 2020.

The BDI chief said to attain a comprehensive free trade agreement, the Transition Period would have to be extended.

“Lawmakers in Germany and Europe must prepare for the possibility of the negotiators not reaching an agreement by the end of the year.

“Europe runs the risk of sliding into a disorderly Brexit. The outcome would be a huge crisis.”

“We once again deem it necessary for politicians to promptly and concretely communicate their intentions to get a no-deal Brexit.”
He also stated there is”no reason to be relieved” in negotiations.

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The Director of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), Joachim Lang, warned that the withdrawal of the Uk from the EU is”the right step on the wrong path”.

He made the statements concerning Britain and Brexit in Berlin this week.

“From the company perspective, such a basic agreement must at the very least renounce tariffs and quotas – and have a clear commitment to fair competition.

It is these areas which would have to be approved by the various parliaments of the EU’s Member States.

It was said that adequate time was not provided by the Transition Period by which to strike an appropriate deal.

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