Britain must grant EU nations access to UK fishing waters for 25 years, if it wants a free trade agreement with Brussels – Documents Reveal


It appears, though, that EU leaders may have an ace up their sleeve: an early treaty that could make a mockery of his efforts to take back control of the seas.

Moreover, Antwerp University history professor Luc Duerloo told The I:”In theory, such privilege can only be undone if the Parliament explicitly approves a law.

Once he regained the throne in England, his earlier guide and friend in Bruges, the knight Arrazola de Oñate was appointed”exceptional” ambassador to Charles by the Spanish King Philip IV with the intention to negotiate a trade treaty.
A Bruges alderman ventured into waters, she had himself arrested in the hope of being taken to court, and said.
Although the treaty has been dropped, the City of Bruges owns the charter granting privileges to its fishermen to fish in waters.

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Geert Bourgeois, the ex-Prime Minister of the Belgian region of Flanders said in 2017, that the”fisheries privilege” granted 50 fishermen from Bruges access to British waters”for eternity”.
Throughout his stay in Bruges, Charles became a member of the Saint Joris Guild, through which he made some friendships that are tactical and was an active member of society.
Charles signed the treaty for being granted refuge in Bruges during the Interregnum, having been driven from Britain in 1651 by Oliver Cromwell to express his gratitude.
It’s not clear today if the treaty’s terms would still apply.
Spokeswoman for Mr Bourgeois, Lisa Lust, told The Telegraph that Britain had shied away from testing the legality of this”privilege” in 1963, one year prior to the London Convention was agreed.
The EU has warned that concluding a fishing deal ideally by July 1 this year — is a necessity.

The charter was never tested until 1851 due to the conflicts that affected Europe between its signing and the century.

He suggested that the British would be afraid it could be enforceable.

Ms Lust admitted the chances were small but it was”not entirely impossible” the charter grants Bruges anglers some faith.
“That’s never happened, so in principle the privilege still applies.”

Britain is known to be willing to accept a yearlong arrangement on quotas and fishing rights, setting up negotiations that will start in March’s major showdown.

According to a new report from The Telegraph, France has insisted in closed-door European Commission meetings that Britain must grant EU nations access to UK fishing waters for 25 years following Brexit, if it wants a free trade agreement with Brussels.

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In less than two days, the will of 17.4 million people will eventually be respected. The country will go back to have decisions taken, policies set and laws created by those that are accountable for those choices.

Speaking to Flemish TV, he unearthed a copy of the record, which was found in Bruges’ archives in 1963.

She noted:”Documents from the British archives later disclosed that it was advised against taking the Belgian to court because of fears concerning the 1666 charter.
Sadly for fishermen battles over the future of their waters continue to be scrapped.

He regained the throne and was decided to thank his sympathisers in the Cromwell years.

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