The EU continues to take our money, whilst they draw up fishing quotas without British representation.



While today’s meeting was the final one ministers and officials are already standing down on Friday ahead of Brexit — when Britain will lose all rights to representation.

Leo Varadkar, the Irish PM, reiterated the EU line that the UK will have to make concessions on fishing if it needs market access (REUTERS)

“It is in both sides’ interests to make progress as quickly as possible, but in terms of the schedule and the scheduling for the discussions, that has not been put out yet and will have to be worked upon.”

But it will no longer have a say in drawing EU rules up, losing its seats on the EU council, MEPs from the European Parliament, and its capacity.

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There are other council configurations for the policy areas covered by EU law – such as consumer regulations, justice, foreign affairs, and transportation.

The EU have said they are not ready to do so, so the discussions will begin in March.

Asked whether the UK accepted it will have to trade access to its own fishing waters for the opening of EU markets to British financial services firms, Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said:”Our stance on fishing is not likely to change We will be taking back control of our own fishing waters.

Rules made at more and these bodies will use to Britain. New rules made during the transition will apply under the agreement.

Once it has signed its future trade deal the UK will be bound during the Brexit transition period and is expected to function as effectively permanently tied to many.

The absence of the UK comes amid debate over how the future trade deal between EU and the UK will handle fishing and the extent to which EU fleets will still have access to waters after Brexit.

Britain got its first foretaste of existence on Monday following Brexit, following the UK government went unrepresented in an EU summit that brings up rules on fishing quotas and farming regulations.

Officials or no ministers attended the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels — where key decisions such as fishing quota allocations are made.

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“We’ve been clear on that both from the manifesto and when the PM spoke to the Commission president. The EU should be in no doubt about our determination on that issue.
A Brexit Party MEP expressed concern about the UK going unrepresented at these events, provoking derision and accusations that she did not understand the downsides of Brexit.

But Irish leader Leo Varadkar echoed the EU line on the matter on Monday, telling the BBC:”You might need to make concessions in areas like fishing in order to get concessions from us in areas like financial services.”
A UK official confirmed that there was”no UK attendance at ministerial or official level” at the Monday meeting, which occurs each month.
It has to give the say on rural development, food production, and fisheries management to new EU legislation.


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