Boris scrupulously defends U.K. “UK will take back control of it’s fishing waters”



Leo Varadkar, pictured in Dublin today, said the UK’may have to make concessions like fishing in order to get concessions from us in areas like financial services’

Leo Varadkar set the expectations of the bloc out with the BBC in which he said the UK’may have to make concessions in areas like fishing’.

After it leaves the bloc the UK will take back control of its territorial waters and it is going to be able to decide whether to grant boats accessibility.

‘The EU should be in no doubt about our determination on that matter.’

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He said the UK’has a very strong position’ because it has’a lot of waters’ but’70 per cent of the fish you sell, you sell into Europe’.

Mr Varadkar said there will likely need to be’trade offs’ with each side making concessions in areas of power in exchange for favours in areas of weakness during Brexit discussions.
The British fishing industry believes access should be restricted although the EU is adamant European trawlers must be given the right to fish in the waters.
‘We have been clear on that, if the Prime Minister and the Commission president spoke and both in the manifesto.

Tim Barrow, the UK’s current representative to the EU, will become the UK’s ambassador to the bloc night after Britain splits from Brussels on Friday.
He added:’It will be to determine, in the best interests of the UK, who fishes in its oceans.’

‘So, you know, you may need to make concessions in areas like fishing that’s why things have a tendency to be all in the one package and in order to get concessions from us in areas like financial services.’
Boris Johnson, pictured last week, signing the Withdrawal Agreement treaty, has maintained that the UK will take back control of it fishing waters

TRENDING: The EU continues to take our money, whilst they draw up fishing quotas without British representation.

After Brexit was one of the pledges of the effort during the 2016 EU referendum, taking back control of UK waters
‘It’s such a critical part of the economy. And places such as the entertainment industry. And when entertainment, audio visual and services are cut away from the single market, the marketplace, that will be a blow in particular in London, to the economy and the southeast.

Number 10 said the UK will be’taking back control of our waters’ but added that’it is going to be for the UK to determine’ whether the boats of any other countries will be permitted to fish in these waters in a hint the rights could be up for grabs.

Any attempt to use fishing rights to win concessions is likely to spark accusations and bitter recriminations of betrayal.

Taking control of British waters back to rejuvenate the fishing industry of the UK was one of the key promises made by the effort that is Leave during the EU referendum in 2016.

It came as Downing Street confirmed trade negotiations with the EU will be directed by the PM’s Brexit sherpa David Frost and his Task Force Europe unit located in the Cabinet Office.
The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman said this morning:’We will be taking charge of our own fishing waters… we are taking back control of our waters.
‘an area. An area where you are in a position is among the areas of the economy that’s financial services.
He said that in return the EU could make concessions in other areas like financial services.

For EU fishing boats will be on the table during post-Brexit trade talks with 23, downing Street today suggested access to UK waters.


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