EU fury: How Salvini branded euro ‘crime against humanity’


Mr Salvini has been a staunch critic of the EU throughout his career, and made the damning assessment of the bloc’s single currency in 2015 as he aimed to inspire Italians to abandon Brussels. He said: “The euro is a crime against humanity. The sooner the euro skips, the sooner I can resume the battle for independence. We do not stop until independence.

“We are ready to take risks but not as a certain rabble with a face covered. We are ready to disobey.”

Mr Salvini’s League has been at the centre of of anti-EU sentiment in Italy in recent years, and one of his allies launched a similar attack on the bloc.

Then Federal President of the Northern League, Umberto Bossi, said: “We have one enemy in common, the euro – but this does not mean having a common destiny: our reality is different from all other European peoples.

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“The other peoples recovering the euro recover national sovereignty, we do not want it.”

In 2014, Mr Salvini also said that the EU was “dying, slowly and disastrously”.

He added: “I believe that the euro won’t survive.”

Since the Italian politiican’s furious rant about Brussels’ economics, the anti-EU mood in Italy endures.

However, having previously ran at European elections under the slogan “No Euro”, Mr Salvini and his party toned down their anti-Brussels rhetoric claiming that the currency is ”irreversible”.

In an attempt to portray a more moderate image, Mr Salvini also said his party would never again stand on an “Italexit” message.

He said last October: “I say this once and for all, and then I hope that no one inside and outside my party will raise this issue again. The League is not thinking about Italy’s exit from the euro or the European Union.

“To be clearer still, so that journalists stop feeding strange fantasies: the euro is irreversible.”

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Mr Salvini’s League suffered a setback today as polls in a key local election favoured the centre left Democratic Party, which narrowly secured the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy.

The result came despite the League targeting of the region as they hoped a surprise victory could topple the fragile ruling coalition.

While the result was a disappointment for Mr Salvini, in the southern region of Calabria, the League’s coalition has triumphed with over 50 percent of the vote.

With Italian politics remaining in a state of uncertainty, Mr Salvini was blamed for the defeat in the key northern region by one research figure.

Wolfgang Piccolio, co-President of the London-based research company Teneo Holdings, said: “Salvini is equally responsible for the success and failure of this campaign.

“Maybe by being present everywhere and every day he pushed a lot of people who were otherwise on the fence to vote against him.”

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