‘Bye bye Guy!’ Brexiteers mock Verhofstadt after he backs Remainer’s last ditch EU stunt


Brexiteers mocked Guy Verhofstadt after he backed Remainers effort to hang a huge pro-EU banner along the White Cliffs of Dover in the run-up to Brexit day. The EU’s chief Brexit coordinator tweeted: “I love you too! #IamEuropean” in response to the huge pro-EU banner. The stunt came about after Liberal Democrat MEP Antony Hook has raised more than GBP14,000 for his campaign to hang the banner, which reads “We still love EU”.

In response to Mr Verhofstadt’s tweet, Brexiteers rejoiced that they would “finally be free of you next week,” before adding “bye bye Guy”.

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One Brexit-backing user tweeted: “We love Europe. Not the EU globalist dumpster fire, that’s trying to conquer sovereign nations through economic and political coercion.”

Another read: “I am European too you wally, only come next week I will reside in a country that is no longer in the EU.

“There are many other European countries in the same position. The EU is not Europe, now write that out 100 times and learn it.”

A third Brexiteer added: “I’m European but I hate the corrupt EU and all you stand for.”

One person joked: “You’re welcome to join our leaving party on the 31st.”

However, Remainers also responded in support of the Belgian MEP, pleading with him “help us, please don’ let us go”.

One said: “The UK (England especially) is a now rogue state with some scary weapons and a well funded intelligence apparatus. Treat accordingly. Punish hard.”

Another added: “Leave a light on, Scotland will be back soon.”

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Defending his campaign, Mr Hook said: “Sadly, we can’t stop Brexit now, but we can send a strong message to the world that we still love Europe.

“We might be leaving, but whether you voted leave or remain we still want good relations with our nearest neighbours in the future.”

In retaliation, Natalie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover and Deal, proposed a counter “We love the UK” banner instead.

She wrote on Facebook: “People in Dover and Deal voted overwhelmingly to leave Europe and reclaim our place as an independent nation.”

HookLiberal Democrat MEP Antony Hook has raised GBP14,064 for his campaign to hang the banner, which reads “We still love EU” (Image: IG)

In London, Brexit supporters from across the country will converge in Parliament Square ahead of the 11pm moment when the country will cut the cord with Brussels

A countdown clock will be projected on the black bricks of Downing Street, followed by a light show to “symbolise the strength and unity of our four nations”.

Remainer Lord Heseltine has attacked the plans to celebrate Brexit with a commemorative coin and Downing Street light show as pro-EU critics accuse Brexiteers of “gloating”.

He said that the Government and Brexiteers were “rubbing our noses in it”.

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