Iain Duncan Smith exposes ‘most difficult Brexit phase’ ahead as EU plan to RULE over UK – Express


Iain Duncan Smith explained the next Brexit stage, post-Brexit trade talks, could be the most difficult of the process. While on talkRADIO Mr Duncan Smith explained the UK would be leaving the EU by law on January 31, 2020. He added during this interim period, between leaving and striking a deal, the EU could impose laws on the UK that it would have to abide by.

Despite leaving the EU, before Boris Johnson can agree on a Brexit trade deal the UK will be closely aligned with the EU.

The Tory MP said: “It is not just about making trade deals.

“This next phase is many senses going to be the most difficult phase of all.

“This is because we have now moved outside officially.

“But in this period until we finalise some kind of deal, or not, one way or another we are subject to European law but we have no vote on that at all.



“This is a period where if the EU wants to they can be awkward and difficult.

“They could start trying to impose laws on us that we had no say over.

“So that is why right now we have to get this done quickly.

“Boris Johnson is right, we cannot expose ourselves for any long period of time as we are without any protection whatsoever against imposed law.

“That is why it is very important we need to settle this one way or the other inside the next 12 months.

“It is going to be tough.

“For all those negotiations we are still going to be running around Parliament as debates are about if we have been too weak or not strong enough.

“That is still going to go on.

“Many of us, like myself, still consider that we have a role in making sure that we deliver finally on the take back control point.

“That we are clear on taking back control of our fishing, laws, borders and money in any eventual deal.”

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