Boris urged to prioritise trade deal with US – ‘Put the EU at the back of the queue!’


An poll has found that readers overwhelmingly support prioritising a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. The poll, carried out from 3-8pm on January 24, asked: “Which trade deal should Boris Johnson prioritise?” 7,078 people responded, with 66 percent (4,604 people) backing an agreement with President Donald Trump.

Next came Japan, with 13 percent of the vote (939 people), followed by the European Union with 11 percent (694 votes).

Australia trailed on eight percent (587) while two percent (154) said “other”.

Writing in the comments, readers urged the Prime Minister to “put the EU at the back of the queue” and instead focus on reaching a comprehensive trade deal with the US.

One person wrote: “Prioritise all the other trade deals except the EU.

“Show them that they are important, but not that important we have to panic and succumb to the EU’s every whim and command. They can do one.”

Another person said: “Personally I would put the EU at the back of the queue. Let them stew.”

A third agreed and wrote: “The EU is at the back of the queue.”

One person simply said: “It really is a no brainer, the USA of course.”

Readers seemed wary of Brussels’ intentions when brokering a deal and suggested that it would be safer to start with another country.

One person said: “If you start with the US, you starting with an Economic powerhouse, who is looking for mutual advantageous trade.


“The EU only wants to keep us entailed, And weakened, to bankroll the Brussels bureaucrats.

“Once we’ve got our economy humming, it’ll be easier to trade with EU.”

Another person wrote: “The EU doesn’t want a free trade agreement, it wants a level playing field that works in its favour and keeps the UK within its orbit.”

But some readers thought the UK should prioritise reaching a deal with Asian countries.

One person said: “The US will probably try and play hardball, best to prioritise Asia Pacific region where you can just tick off a few nice and amenable countries to get us off to a flying start.

“Then focus on US, let EU drop to the bottom of the pack.”

Britain is set to formally leave the European Union next week, as Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal was official written into law earlier this week.

After this date, the UK will be free to negotiate trade deals with other countries.

Trade advisors in the UK reportedly think that implementing a US deal first would be a big boost for post-Brexit Britain.

President Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has put pressure on the UK to prioritise America before the EU.

He said a deal with Washington “should be much easier to do mechanically” than with Brussels.

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