Verhofstadt warns no deal Brexit STILL POSSIBLE as MEPs could sabotage UK’s exit deal


The EU Parliament’s outgoing Brexit co-ordinator said voting to support the divorce deal was not a show of support for the UK’s departure from the bloc. He declared it a “very sad moment” but admitted MEPs must ensure the UK leaves with a deal on January 31. Addressing the EU Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee, he added: “I have to be very open to the colleagues here it’s not a question of voting yes to Brexit and voting no to no Brexit, that’s not the choice we have.

“It’s the choice between a Brexit in an orderly way or avoiding a no deal or a hard Brexit most probably happening on February 1, that’s the choice we have.

“If we are sure there’s no Brexit I’d be the first to vote no.”

Antonio Tajani, the committee’s chairman, heralded the UK’s departure as a “historical albeit a sombre moment” for the bloc and urged his colleagues not to celebrate.


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