Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari destroys EU in savage rant – ‘Brexit is FINALLY happening’


Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari launched a furious attack on the EU Parliament during a Brexit debate. The Finns Party member hit out at the “technocratic” EU for “holding back” sovereign states. Mrs Huhtasaari praised Britain as an “inspiration” for the rest of the world for “striving for more freedom and democracy”.

Speaking about Brexit, she said: “Finally this is happening.

“And that’s because of Boris Johnson’s strong leadership.

“That is why Brexit is delivered.

“This is an end of an era. British people took destiny in their own hands.”

Mrs Huhtasaari continued: “Democracy is nice, isn’t it?

“After Brexit, the EU will never be the same again.

“Firstly, by losing Britain as a member, the EU is deprived a great military power who has real influence in world affairs.

“The United Kingdom will reach its fully potential, and that will cause criticism against the EU in the remaining 27 member states.”

The Finnish MEP added: “People are going to realise that the current technocratic EU is just holding us back.


“A truly sovereign state is able to decide on its own laws, taxes and borders.

“As a member of the EU, a nation state relinquishes these rights, which creates a severe democratic deficit.”

Mrs Huhtasaari said: “Through Brexit, Britain recovers its capability to implement democratic decisions that corresponded to the wishes and aspirations of British people.

“For centuries, the British people have been an inspiration for the rest of the world in their striving for more freedom and democracy.

“With Brexit, Britain will once again make a stand against the concentration of power in Europe in one place.

“Power will go back to the people and back to the nation state.

“This is a happy day, and don’t worry guys, we will have a great future relationship with Great Britain.”

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