‘Travesty of democracy!’ Britons furious over House of Lords bid to change Brexit


And their calls have been backed by Brexiteer MP , who said the Lords needed to replaced by a legislature of elected senators – much like the United States – as well as pointing the finger at former Liberal Democrat leader . Despite last month’s emphatic general election victory, and the Withdrawal Agreement Bill’s safe passage through the House of Commons, Mr Johnson is still racing against the clock to deliver by January 31, and suffered three defeats in the Lords last night – with more losses anticipated today as peers seek to tack on further amendments. The Lords backed a Liberal Democrat amendment offering eligible EU citizens in Britain an automatic right to stay after Brexit, rather than having to apply to the government to do so, by 270 to 229.

After that they voted by 241 to 205, to delete powers which would allow lower courts to overturn rulings of the European Court of Justice.

Almost immediately after that, the House approved an amendment which permitting cases to be referred to the Supreme Court to adjudicate on whether to depart from EU case law.

Posting on Express.co.uk’s Facebook page, Tony Reid said: “The House of Lords trying to justify how important they are.

“An absolute waste of time and finance keeping this shower in work.

“They need to be disbanded, a complete shambles.”

Tony Gurney said: “Just proves that the Lords needs to be changed or abolished. It’s a joke and a travesty of democracy.

Lindy Wilson added: “The peers are NOT elected, our MPs were, to carry out our wishes. Abolish the house of lords immediately!”

David Hulmes was also angry, saying: “Despite what they say, the unelected elite are still up to their dirty tricks to try and frustrate the will of the people. Pond life!

Terry Wallace claimed: “Here we go again remainers at it again in house of lords we should close this establishment down.”

Meanwhile Stephen Dibben took the opportunity to make a point about controversial House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.

He said: “That’s why we don’t want Bercow in the Lords. He will block everything.”


Not everybody was quite so emphatic though – Colin J Moon said: “The Lords can’t defeat, just delay, but anyway without reading up on this, isn’t this a good idea as it would stop EU citizens not already here coming here after Brexit and saying that they were here already and so can work?”

Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Mr Kawczynski, who previously hit the headlines after meeting with barristers to discuss a possible legal challenge to the Benn Act which sought to prevent a no-deal Brexit, said: “We have a system whereby Nick Clegg could stuff the Lords with countless new Lib Dem Peers in exchange for agreeing to support a Cameron government.

“Despite the Lib Dem being totally rejected by electorate, Clegg’s legacy lives on making the Lords unrepresentative.

“The sooner we have an elected Senate of 100 Senators the better, reducing the costs associated with it and making this chamber representative of the Electorate.”

The Lords will vote on several more amendments today, with more defeats probable.

Politico’s Playbook bulletin said: “Today’s votes will include proposed amendments on the rights of refugee children and parliament’s involvement in Phase 2 of the Brexit talks.

“It’s pretty clear, however, that No 10 is not going to back down on any of these issues – so expect all the Lords amendments to be overturned by the Commons later this week.”

Speaking this afternoon, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman confirmed the government would seek to overturn any changes brought to Bill by the House of Lords.

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