Brexit warning: Remainers urged to take 20-year ‘vow of silence’ over demands to rejoin EU


Political strategist John McTernan demanded Remainers end all talks of Britain rejoining the after as he insisted UK voters repeatedly backed plans to leave the bloc. Mr McTernan urged anti-Brexit politicians across Britain and the EU to “take a vote of silence” and accept the result of the referendum after arch-federalist MEP Guy Verhofstadt suggested Britain will one day return in the bloc. Speaking to RT UK, the political strategist said: “All those people, whether they are European or British politicians, who think Britain should go back to join the European Union should take a vow of silence for at least 20 years.

“I really think the question is over. It’s been put to the public on a number of occasions, they keep saying they want to leave.

“It’s time to leave and accept it. Get on with making the deal work.”

Mr McTernan continued: “There’s always a very strange idea people have which is, if we wait long enough, the people we don’t like voting will die.

“The thing is, young people get old and when they get old, they get old people’s point of view so you can’t actually assume that demography is destiny.

“Britain has to thrive on its own and outside Europe and then we have to see what Europe becomes, because Europe has got huge issues with the north-south divide.”


Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last week, and suggested future generations will seek to have the country rejoin the bloc.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “I think that will happen, yes, but it’s difficult to say when.

“There will be a generation, the young generation coming in the coming decades, who will say later ‘we want to go back’.”

He added: “It will happen. Maybe you will not see it in my life, but it will happen.”

A crowdfunding campaign for a massive pro-EU flag to be displayed over the White Cliffs of Dover ahead of Brexit has raised GBP11,000 in three days.

Set up by South East England MEP Antony Hook on Friday, the campaign’s target was just GBP5,500 to fund the 150sq-m banner, and it made the sum in 24 hours.

The message will read: “We still love EU.”

Mr Hook said: “The phenomenal success of this appeal demonstrates how passionately people in this country feel about sending a positive message to the EU.”


The Lib Dems MEP added: “This banner is much bigger than leave or remain. It is about communicating our appreciation for our nearest neighbours and our hope that we will continue to have the best possible relationship with them in the future.”

The stunt comes after EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier’s team informed EU capitals Brussels is planning a stringent enforcement mechanism to ensure the UK respects the terms of the free-trade agreement.

Diplomats were briefed on the negotiation strategy, which demands the future relationship is governed by “efficient and effective arrangements for management, supervision, implementation and review” mechanisms.

The bloc hopes that the “over-arching” governance structure will underpin the so-called level playing field that it hopes to include in any future trade deal.

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