Jess Phillips won’t rule out trying to rejoin EU despite ‘no appetite for it’ in the UK


Labour leadership candidates have frequently been asked about their Brexit views and whether they would push to Remain or re-enter the EU. While on Sophy Ridge’s show on Sunday morning Jess Phillips argued she would not “close off” the idea rejoining the European Union. Sophy Ridge asked the crucial question and Ms Phillips admitted there was not an “appetite for it in the country.

Ms Phillips said: “I don’t think this is a conversation that is even open for debate at the moment.

“Boris Johnson has a majority of 80, that has consequences.

“In an election that was handed to him, he now holds all of the cards and has carte blanche to do what he wants.

“We are leaving the European Union.

“I don’t event think amongst people who voted Remain in the original referendum that there is any appetite to carry on having a constitutional conversation when we should be talking about the things that people actually talk about.

“There is no plan to have some sort of campaign to rejoin the European Union.


“But any Prime Minister who wouldn’t look at the merits with every single alliance that our country could have for our safety, security, peace and economy security with a reasoned head-on, anyone who closes off any option in the future, I just don’t think that is an honest position.

“People can say it to you in the interview, ‘I will never’ but I just think politics has got to be more honest.”

Ms Ridge replied by arguing Ms Phillips had not ruled redoing the EU out so could choose to in the future.

Ms Phillips replied: “Well, it is very unlikely at this stage, isn’t it.

“We are leaving the European Union and I don’t think there is any appetite for staying.

“This isn’t about me hoping that leaving the EU fails.

“I don’t hope Boris Johnson causes calamity, I don’t hope I am right about the economic impact.

“I hope that the people in my constituency and all across the country don’t lose their jobs.”

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