It was the disastrous Theresa May who believed naively that she was dealing in the EU with friends and allies with whom she could conclude a close and lasting relationship to our mutual benefit. After the German Government virtually dictated her surrender document – The Withdrawal Agreement – (for which even after the Johnson improvements we will pay a heavy price in future, with some payments to the EU up to 2064!) only a fool would be so naive. The Johnson negotiating team needs to be strong, interest led, ruthless and willing to walk away. For as the Foreign Office always says “we don’t have friends – we only have interests”. In the EU we have actual antagonists.

We have shown many times on this website the EU’s collective antipathy to Britain and the Anglo Saxon world in general. The frequently uttered disparaging description of us by German figures as “Die Insel” (the island) the arrogant assumption that the EU States have a right to take our fishing grounds even after we have left the EU and the blatant undermining of our business interests in other countries all show that at best we cannot assume goodwill in the coming trade negotiations.

Indeed the EU starts from the assumption of power over us. In a BBC documentary it was an aide of the EU Negotiator and MEP Guy Verhofstadt who said:

“We finally kicked them out. We turned them into a colony – and that was our plan from the first moment.”



Take for instance the question of the treatment of EU citizens in Britain and UK citizens in the EU. Without settling the status and security of British citizens in the EU after Brexit, EU negotiators have attacked our treatment of EU citizens in Britain demanding that EU law should – forever – govern their lives. Their attitude is to use their “citizens” as an unwitting Trojan Horse to extend the EU’s imperial power.

Before the UK has even left the EU the British Government has granted 2.5 million (of the total 2.8 million) EU citizens “settled status” – the remainder have another two years to register. We are of course now able to reject as citizens those murderers, rapists and violent criminals who, while in the EU, we could not send home! A Home Office spokesman said:

“It’s free, there’s plenty of support available and it provides a secure digital status which can’t be lost, stolen or tampered with.”

Apparently no EU member state has gone so far as that for our British citizens in their countries!


The EU also demands that the UK no longer participates in the Galileo satellite system “for security reasons” even though the UK has already contributed 1.4bn Euros to the project and the EU wants to continue to benefit from UK intelligence and security information after we leave. What aggression and hypocrisy! We are now spending hundreds of millions on our own scheme!



Nazi and Fascist Europe in the 1930s and 1940s referred with utter contempt to “Anglo Saxon democracy” as a term of political abuse. In the EU it is (like so much else) the same today.

It was the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, who said there was a “special place in hell” for British eurosceptics (17.4m of them)! And it was the former President of the EU, Jose Barrosso, who said “people who matter in British politics” were thinking about giving up the Pound. Barroso’s “people who matter” did not of course include the voters who rejected the Euro by some 80%

In an interview with European Report, Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party said:

“… Even within the European Parliament, these EU opponents represent 5% of the total with their silly little flags. Why do we let them do it? They have the right to have stupid opinions in a democracy, but these people should be attacked by telling them that they are stupid.”

The one time President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, the German Social Democrat, could not hide how he despised the UK:

“The British have violated the rules – it is not the EU philosophy that the

crowd can decide its fate”


The Remainer class in the UK is heavily dominated by those who benefit most from EU power, EU employment, and the totally mythical “EU funds” (not a penny comes from the EU for which the British have not paid twice over!)

The academic class benefit from EU programmes like the Monet Chairs at Universities and the ERASMUS student grants, which, they claim, will disappear after Brexit. has done some research and finds that:


Of the total spending of Euros 14.7 bn UK students only got Euro 62m in 2017. Twice as many EU students study in the UK than UK students in the EU and more UK students go to study in the USA and Australia than to the whole of the EU put together!

The Proportion of UK students using Erasmus is a mere 0.51% and even more important there is no reason why the UK outside the EU should not continue to “benefit” since other participants include: Serbia, Turkey, Norway, North Macedonia, Iceland and Liechtenstein and (on a more limited basis): Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Albania, Syria, “Palestine” and Tunisia! Not one of which is an EU member.


The EU and its defenders base their politics on POWER and only power. When some 25 years ago I was debating in Newcastle upon Tyne with a euro-fanatical Tory MP he suddenly shocked the audience by shouting out “But don’t you understand? Its power – that’s what we need – power”. There was silence. His side lost by a large margin!

Helmut Kohl said “Might is right in politics and war” and we should be under no illusion that the EU in these trade negotiations will exploit to the full their perceived power over our economy and trade in order to maintain their political and constitutional power over us.

It is because we are now free that those who imprisoned us are so angry. It is the exact opposite of a war. We may have agreed a peace treaty but the hostilities now begin.

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