Nigel Farage exposes Verhofstadt’s last ditch attempt to block Brexit in final EU session

Nigel Farage exposes Guy Verhofstadt


Nigel Farage has revealed a last ditch plot to stop the UK leaving the European Union by prominent MEP and former Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt. The Brexit Party leader spoke to Sky News ahead of the final EU plenary session before the Brexit January deadline. The European Parliament is meeting to vote on legislation in its plenary session in Strasbourg.

He told Sky: “The 29th of this month, there’ll be a big debate in Brussels, and there’ll be a vote after that.

“There’s some talk from Mr Verhofstadt that maybe the Parliament could block us leaving on the current terms that have been agreed.

“It isn’t going to happen.

“What I’ve found here in the last 2 days is a general acceptance that the UK is leaving.”

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