‘Accept it!’ Britons furious as Remains pledge to disrupt Brexit day celebrations

Nigel Farage brexit party


Brexiteers including Nigel Farage are preparing to publicly celebrate in Parliament Square as the UK officially leaves the bloc at 11pm on January 31. Councils and community groups are also being encouraged by the government to raise Union Jack flags as part of the celebrations. But their plans to mark the occasion may be disrupted by pro-European protesters who want their “heartbreak” to be heard about.

Remainer Jonathan Lis, deputy director of the thinktank British Influence, revealed his plans for Brexit day on talkRADIO yesterday.

He said: “We’re going to have a counter-demo to match it and we’re going to have bigger numbers.”

The talkRADIO host Alexis Conran hit back that people had “waited 40 years for this day”.

But Mr Lis was not deterred as he he then later tweeted: “A national party on 31 Jan? Millions of us will be heartbroken.

“Our EU citizenship is being taken from us, our membership of a dynamic community shattered for no reason.

“We’ll never support Brexit, we’ll never like it and we certainly won’t celebrate it.”

But Express.co.uk readers were quick to vent their fury on Facebook over his comments.

Ian Gerald Jones wrote: “The only way they know is to create mayhem, spoilt children.”

Jackie Monet simply added: “Doesn’t bother me.

“If they want to spend their lives being resentful and miserable that’s fine, but I don’t.”

And Paul De Mouilpied couldn’t contain his anger as he wrote: “For Heaven’s sake, grow up!

“You poor little snowflakes.”

Aland Hyde said: “None of the doom and gloom forecasts have happened yet.

“Accept the majority decision.”

Conservative MP Mark Francois also spearheaded a campaign to get the bongs ringing on Big Ben as part of the Brexit celebrations on January 31.

He tabled an early day motion (EDM), which attracted 55 signatures, and proposed an amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill.

However, it was not selected for debate.

And his plan to break the British landmark’s three year silence has faced another set back after the House of Commons Commission ruled out paying an estimated £500,000 for the bells to chime 12 times.


The MP said he was “very disappointed” with the commission’s decision.

He added he was willing to climb up Big Ben and ring the bell if it meant saving some the costs.

He said: “I’ve already offered to go up Big Ben myself, ably assisted by (European Scrutiny Committee chair) Bill Cash, to ring the bell myself to save money.

“If all else fails, the BBC must have a recording of Big Ben chiming they could play at 11pm at no cost whatsoever to taxpayers.”

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