New “Blue Collar” Conservative group set up to “OBLITERATE” Labour.



It’s understood that the Prime Minister is hoping to attend the first meeting of this new”Blue Collar Club” formed on the back of the enormous Conservative victory in choosing historically safe Labour seats in last month’s general election.

The club already has 130 MPs signed up in largely midlands and northern chairs and can be set to agree an agenda for another year to help ensure the surprise profits stay Conservative seats.

The team believe that their schedule can potentially”obliterate” Labour in its former heartlands and ensure that the Conservatives govern for the long term.

The policy plan drawn up by the Blue Collar Conservatism movement last year, such as being stronger on law and order, was at the core of the Conservative manifesto in December and its own leaders now plan to build on the early success.

Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns, who became an early success in the north when she unseated Ed Balls in 2015, said:”We must continue to show this party is about the aspect of working people by putting workers – whether it is teachers, paramedics, sole traders etc – right at the heart of our strategy. This group will turn thinktank thinking upside down.”

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