Coveney “EU will not be rushed” in negotiations due to UK deadline date.

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“These are complicated discussions, we will need to talk through each one of these regions and in my view it’ll take longer than a year.”
Mr Coveney cautioned that”the EU will not be rushed only because the UK passes a law”.

“Things do not remain the same. The UK has chosen to leave the EU and the collective refuge and possibility that comes with that.”

“But just because a British Parliament determines that British law says something does not signify that applies to the EU.

“There’s fishing, there’s aviation, there is data.”
A significant problem in the negotiations over the future connection concerns the degree to which the government wants to diverge in the rules of the bloc.

Mr Coveney added:”The penny is finally dropping for associations in the UK which departing has consequences.
He told the BBC:”When people discuss the future relationship, in the UK they seem to only discuss the future trade agreement but there’s more to the.

Mr Coveney continued:”I know Boris Johnson has put a very tough time table for this discussion. He has put it into law.
The incoming governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said this week that it would not be appropriate for the UK to be a”rule-taker” in the industry of financial services after Brexit.

During his interview with Andrew Marr, the senior Irish politician also claimed that the”cent was finally dropping” among those in Westminster that Britain was going to be worse off after Brexit.

“The EU will approach this negotiation by trying to get the best deal possible however, the EU won’t be rushed with this only because the UK passes a law.”
Croatia’s prime minister, Andrej Plenković, whose country is taking over the presidency of the EU, clarified that the EU will probably be siphoned”political” from the trade discussions.

The effort to enshrine a deadline of Brexit trade discussions of the British Parliament has been disregarded by simon Coveney. He also described Boris Johnson’s aim to complete talks in just 11 weeks as”ambitious, if not unrealistic” as the two sides prepare for intensive trade discussions. This comes after one of the clause into the Brexit bill of their Government ruled out any extension to the transition period.

He went on to warn Boris Johnson over its period frame needs, saying:”The EU has always cautioned that that time period is ambitious if not realistic.

Taking a tough position Mr Coveney advised Marr that he backed plans to block the Town of London’s access if Boris Johnson tries to exempt from the UK from its own laws.

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