Brexit MEP WARNS Labour will make every “effort to keep us shackled to Brussels” in the future.

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Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe predicts that whomever wins the leadership contest they will continue to persist in disregarding the will of the people – by trying to thwart Brexit. Mr Lowe also said he doubts Labour could possibly move on from Brexit, and also suggested the party will make every “effort to keep us shackled to Brussels” in the future.

“Their patronising and insulting view of their own voters will be certain they are nowhere near Government for decades and this needs to be a lesson to all politicians, ignore the will of the people at your peril!”

“Virtually every senior Labour politician is a diehard Remainer, the nation has moved on but I sincerely doubt that the Labour Party will. He said:”The last three-and-a-half years since the referendum have totally exposed the Labour Party and they are now reaping what they sow. 

Mr Lowe also issues a stark warning to the Labour leadership hopefuls, urging them to accept that the will of the British men and women.

This stark response from the Brexiteer was triggered following Jess Phillips refused to rule out campaigning to rejoin the EU under her leadership, if Brexit proved damaging. 

BREAKINGOVER 100,000 non British undocumented children estimated to be living in Khans London.

Jess Phillips told BBC’s Andrew Marr:”If our country is safer, if it is more economically viable to be at the European Union, I will fight for that regardless of how difficult that argument is to create.”

But only days after creating the pro-EU position, the Labour leadership contender then seemed to backtrack on the comments and said that a campaign to join the EU would not feature in the next Labour manifesto. 

She joined shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey, Lisa Nanny and shadow Brexit secretary . Mr Lowe lashed out in the MP for producing the comments and said:”When the next Labour leader supports a’rejoin’ motion then they deserve their forthcoming years in the electoral wilderness.” 

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