British fisherman celebrate the end of “C**P DEAL” as UK set take back control of fishing waters after Brexit.

Fisheries return to U.K.


So draw on Brexit. 43 years I’ve been fishing out of Newquay and we have had a c**p deal all our entire life.
Mr Aldous has promoted his constituency of Waveney in Brexit’s aftermath as a possible fishing hub to secure financing for apprenticeships. Mr Gilbert said:

“It cost me over £20,000. £20,000 of loss of crab gear in addition to the loss of crab.

Mr Deas said:

“Meaning that all of the European fleets could fish in anybody’s waters.

The quota every member state receives is based on how much that they fished in these regions.
“They have fleets that fish in UK waters at some stage or other.

Brexit has been hailed as a fantastic chance for British fishermen to take back control of waters and get rid of the controversial Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) regulating catch quotas. Conservative MP Peter Aldous suggested fishing communities could improve their fish consumption seven times the amount caught under present European Union Rules. Speaking to the Today Programme, Mr Aldous said:

“We would see a sevenfold growth of what our quota stocks, those fishing stocks which are subject to quota, are and can actually be caught by UK vessels at the south and south sea”

He’s also worked with Brexit Party MEP June Mummery to launch the Renaissance of East Anglia Fisheries (REAF) scheme aimed at revitalising coastal communities affected by

“years of decline”.

Despite Boris Johnson pledging to retake control of British waters in Brexit’s aftermath, EU member states relying to UK grab on accessibility are expected to set up a struggle.
He revealed that we’ve got a situation today where the EU fleets fish

“roughly 6 times as much in UK waters since the UK fleet plants in EU waters”.

Quotas for are set by the Common Fisheries Policy.

Barrie Deas, the CEO of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation, suggested countries right across the Channel are the ones making the most demands as a result of significance UK waters have for their fishing industries.

Newquay fisherman Martin Gilbert looked excited at the prospect of liberty from EU rules in the hand of fishermen damaging his ship as he lamented the loss of catch.

“But the significance of that is that the UK waters are pretty much where most of the fish are.”

“France will probably be the most significant of those in terms of the amount of fishing effort that takes place within UK waters and also the quota shares which they have.

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