Labour supporters slapped with a £25 charge if they want to vote for a new leader

Labour supporters slapped with a £25 charge to vote in a new leader


The NEC is said to have decided 24-hours prior to the start of the Labour leadership race to replace leader Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Huff Post UK’s Executive Politics Editor Paul Waugh stated on Twitter: “Am hearing NEC has decided registered supporters will have to pay £25 each to vote in Labour leader election and can only sign up in 48-hour window next week. “In other words, same as 2016 leadership election. The source also tells me the Leadership ballot will close April 2 with results on April 4th.

Potential voters took to Twitter to vent their anger at the price surge. One stated:”So shut out the working class and make it affordable only to the Islington set.””The direction of travel for @UKLabour has reached its destination.”

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The Party works by having affiliated supporters and enrolled supporters.The first are members of trade unions and socialist societies associated with the party while the latter are people who cover a one-off fee to provide them voting rights.

The NEC decides the fee and enrollment deadline, which changed in 2016, though additional adjustments to the policy came around in the 2018 conference in Brighton.To get on the ballot paper every candidate must receive the support of 21 MPs. Margaret Beckett, former foreign secretary who sits on the broader NEC committee, claimed the party must”listen to the electorate” instead of letting”people who conducted the election decide”.

Ms Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, called on the NEC allowing new members to have a state in the competition.She told The Andrew Marr Show:”In the present time there’s a huge amount of buzz about that competition, for lots of different factors.”From the public glare many folks joining the Labour Party, for your NEC to then say we are not interested in you who would seem so unbelievably bad for the Labour Party at a period when it needs to stop looking inside itself and look outwards.”The conclusion of the leadership race will see a new leader elected at the beginning of April. READ MORE

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