Jess Phillips UTURNS day after admitting she wants to continue the fight to remain in the EU

Jess Phillips want to stop brexit

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The staunch Remainer stated on the show that she thought Britain had been”safer and more economically viable” within the EU. However Ms Phillips seemed to undo her words in today’s Independent newspaper, where she stated”we have to accept the outcome” and confessed an effort to rejoin the bloc would destroy her support base within her own party.

We have not even left yet!

“The honest answer is that I do not understand what the future will hold, but we have to take the outcome, move our nation forward and maintain Boris Johnson into account.

“I can not find a effort to rejoin winning service within the next Labour manifesto.

“Labour must stay an outward-facing along with a pro-European celebration, but we all know in our minds in addition to our hearts that our failure to win the election signifies the conditions of the argument have shifted.”

In conclusion this shows that Jess Phillips wants to go against the will of the people yet again. This comes after the Labour party got destroyed in its Northern heartlands all because the champagne socialists were found to be putting their desire to remain above the democratic result of the people who voted to leave. Our advice would be to delivery what the many want and not go against the Labour mantra of standing “for Many (Brexiteers) and not the few(Remainers)” in getting us out of the EU… BIG QUESTION STILL STANDS HAS LABOUR LEARNT ITS LESSON ON WHY THEY LOST??? READ MORE


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