Hard-Left erupt in rage after polls show Kier Starmer is set to trounce the Corbynista favoured candidates…

Kier Starmer in race to win labour leadership


After Sir Keir Starmer emerged as the favourite to win the leadership the hard-Left of labour is engaged in a desperate battle to keep their grasp on the party. MPs have warned that a plan has been launched labelled ‘Operation Stop Keir’ after a poll of Labour party members had the Brexit secretary nicely ahead of the Corbyn supporting candidates Rebecca Long Bailey and Ian Lavery.

A YouGov survey’s analysis discovered Sir Keir is set to absolutely trounce Ms Long Bailey by 61 per cent to 39 percent once the competition comes to its conclusion in March.

This predicted outcome has sparked a major backlash from the hard-left, one comment claimed that Sir Keir is not ‘socialist’ and would turn the celebration into a ‘parody’ of exactly what it was under Jeremy Corbyn.

One Labour MP who is no cheerleader of Sir Keir, said to the MailOnline:’There will be a Stop Keir campaign now…

‘The problem the Left has got… is that there is not a united position.

‘They have got Saint Jeremy. But who else is there? Long Bailey is not up to it.’

This same MP predicted the hardline left that installed Mr Corbyn would now splinter and turn on each other. ‘The Left always starts eating their own children,’. ‘It happened in the 1980s and it will happen again now.’

The YouGov poll of Labour Party members discovered Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey would be the two early front-runners for its leadership.

The hard left has errupted in a rage because poll results offers a good gauge on whether Mr Starmer should stand as he is yet to publicly announce his position on the leadership race. Has Starmer done this ‘will he, wont he’ stance to test the water before jumping in the race? Although Starmer has given every indication that he plans to stand it must be seen that the hard-left hold on Labour could be coming to end.

Ms Long-Bailey – viewed as the choice of the allies of Mr Corbyn – has said she is considering a bid, but chairman Ian Lavery is also currently mulling putting himself forward.

Bermondsey MP Neil Coyle told Sky News the leader should have a seat outside of London. ‘He (Kier) had been a part of the Shadow Cabinet that led us’ he explained.

1,059 Labour party members’ survey place Sir Keir on 31 per cent of first choice votes. The loud in your face MP for Birmingham Yardley who’s yet to declare her intentions, jess Phillips, is in third position at the poll with 11 percent. Clive Lewis and Yvette Cooper are following with Emily Thornberry on six and Lisa Nandy on five, on seven per cent.

Labour dropped to 202 seats and endured a succession of defeats in the once former heartlands in the north of England. In one shock blow, the Conservatives won the County Durham chair of Sedgefield – previously held by Tony Blair who led Labour into three election victories. Read more


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