European Union threatens to cut off Britain's financial services firms from the EU’s single market if the UK diverges from Brussels



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The European Union has this afternoon threatened to cut off Britain’s financial services firms from the EU’s single market if the UK diverges too far from Brussels’ regulations after Brexit 👀.


But would Brussels really use strong-arm tactics with London? 🧐 Although the EU did previously freeze Swiss 🇨🇭stock exchanges out in a bid to force Zurich to agree to a new Swiss-EU treaty, our Brussels Correspondent, James Crisp, explains why London’s size makes today’s warning an empty threat:


Elsewhere today, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told an audience in Buckley, North Wales, that it was “absolutely” right to talk about the London Bridge attack during the election campaign 🤨. That follows the family of terror victim Jack Merritt asking for his death not to be used to introduce “even more draconian sentences” for offenders. And Telegraph columnist Nick Timothy has explained why he, unlike Farage, believes we should not politicise the London Bridge attack:


And what does this all mean ahead of next week’s election? 🤷‍♂ Asa Bennett explains that with the gap between Labour and the Tories narrowing, there is one political figure the PM can’t take for granted:


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