LATEST -Alternative media news, Sat 24th October 2020.

Marcon is having to capitulate on his Brexit trade deal redlines other wise they lose everything.

The EU will never become a superpower states former top Eurocrat.

Reality hits the EU as Britain stand firm on fisheries.

French MEP slams Barnier – A No Deal “worse for the EU than the UK”

Britain signs an historic trade deal with Japan.

Brexiteer doesn’t hold back “We don’t want your level playing field”.

LIVE POLL – Are you happy that trade negotiations have restarted with the EU?

Rudy Giuliani hands over disturbing images of an underage minor reportedly from Hunter Biden’s Laptop to Delaware State Police.

Yet again, EU Parliament President wants Britain to commit to their level playing field.

UK invites Barnier to London to continue trade talks.


Estonian MEP congratulates Boris on outwitting the European Union in negotiations.

German MEP slams Merkel and EU commission President over botched EU’s negotiation stance.

The BBC covers up alleged corruption from the Biden’s, yet actively promote false corruption narrative on to Trump.

Boris reaffirms to Greek counterpart – Unless the EU changes it’s negotiation stance, there will be no further trade talks.

Jim Davidson doesn’t hold back as he sticks it to London Mayor Khan – “Who the F*** voted for this Mayor?”

Labour seek an apology over brexit fallout. Gove defends Boris -“ he’s actually been standing up for Britain, no apology is required.”

UK FIRES WARNING AT EU – It’s either a Free trade agreement, or no deal.“We will not be back to negotiate further next year.”

Theresa May shut down by Gove, using her mantra “No deal is better than a bad deal”.