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‘Bye bye Guy!’ Brexiteers mock Verhofstadt after he backs Remainer’s last ditch EU stunt

Minister vows he will revive high streets, turning north of England into ‘powerhouse’

U.K. fishing

UK fights EU as we take back control of our fishing waters.

George Galloway PERFECTLY tears apart von der Leyen and reveals EU ‘scrambling’ on Brexit – Express

France drags down eurozone as key sector plunges below forecasts ‘economy failed again’

UK fishermen fury as new crippling rules could see them slapped with GBP100k fine

Remainer rebel Lord Heseltine rubbishes Brexit celebrations: ‘Rub our nose in it!’

Brussels chief’s desperate letter to divided EU- ‘Most difficult negotiations we’ve done’

Boris Johnson’s huge post-Brexit plan as PM vows Britain will become ‘global trailblazer’

US-UK trade deal: The British industries to receive huge boost after Brexit – revealed

Britons furious at plot to hang giant EU banner on Dover cliffs for Brexit day ‘Eyesore!’

Iain Duncan Smith exposes ‘most difficult Brexit phase’ ahead as EU plan to RULE over UK – Express

Boris Johnson faces test of ‘friends and sovereign equals’ post-Brexit relationship with EU over fishing rights –

End of the UK? Boris must secure fishing rights or ‘it’ll be the end of the Union’

‘It’s cocktail hour on the Titanic’ Germany SCARED of Brexit Britain, says Count

Boris urged to prioritise trade deal with US – ‘Put the EU at the back of the queue!’

‘Do one!’ Britons furious as Macron demands EU has access to UK water for 25 YEARS

EU fear: Why Brussels is terrified of Brexit being ‘painful’ for bloc

UK watchdog tells markets: be ready in case of no EU trade deal – Reuters UK

Boris slaps down businesses demanding cheap foreign labour instead of UK jobs